Feb 3, 2012

Sister Time :: A Sunny Stroll

Another great walk and this time the weather agreed. It was sunny and fairly warm for a February day, hence the lack of warm weather layering with coats and scarves on our ventures. I still cannot believe the nerve of this weather. Really, if you insist on being cold at least hand out some pretty white stuff too. I mean, I love to wear my warm fuzzies, but only if I can tote winter boots through the snow and kick them off when I get back home. 

In other news aside from weather, K.Kay is prepping for a ward choir performance. She loves to sing. Anyone who knows anything about K.Kay knows her passion for singing. We spent much of our walk talking about her choir practice; who was there, who played piano, and the songs they are practicing. Needless to say this girl is very excited to be a part of it all. I believe I have already received 11 invitations from her to be there for the performance, and am expecting several more before the day arrives. 

Do not get me wrong, I like singing too, but mostly in the car and in the shower. Performances stress me out, have done since I was thrown into a solo in high school. Growing up youth and ward choir was a fun diversion when I wasn't signing alone, but now I would much rather spend my extra time on Sunday's with the two men in my life. Maybe when things slow down I will get back in the ward choir spirit, but for now I am content with cranking up the tunes and shouting out duets with ADELE while I navigated blasted construction.



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