Feb 19, 2012

Kitchen Review :: Cafe Rio Pork Recipe

We love Cafe Rio around here, but we cannot afford our amore. Even purchasing ten meals and earning a "FREE MEAL!" doesn't really count as saving us money these days. So a few Sundays ago I tested my hand at cooking up some Cafe Rio pork for my family and everyone loved it! My dad said it was better than Cafe Rio, but that is likely because dad's are contracted to say such things so their daughters are not disheartened. My Superman really liked it, as did the rest of my family. So did I, in fact. It was darn good, but I cannot compare to the real deal Cafe Rio because I do not normally get pork there. So sorry on that count. 

I did use a recipe claiming to be as good as the original, however I did not follow it due to a lack of time. No marinading, just straight crock pot cooking with a few alterations. Turns out I should have written it down because tonight I tried the recipe again, following all instructions, and it was a bust for our Sunday Night burrito fest. My experimental Cafe Rio pork barbacoa from weeks earlier was better. Granted, these burritos were good, just not as good. More experimentation to come, I assure you, and when I have it down I will share the secrets!

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