Mar 6, 2012

Sister Time :: A Fine Day for Photos

The weather was inexplicably fine yesterday. The sun was glorious, the temps fantastic. It has me yearning for Spring. Our March weather is always unpredictable. One day you will be frolicking in the freshly fallen snow with your mutt, and the next day sun bathing, or at least walking out without a coat on. Planting flowers and gardening is something I look forward to with delight. I may not have a green thumb, but a salsa garden is something I excel at. Turns out I cannot kill tomato plants, jalapeno plants, or green onions so those are what I grow. Oh, and some herbs. I cannot wait for Spring to become a permanent fixture in my everyday adventures. 

To me Spring used to mean cruising around town in my convertible, clearance sunnies from Old Navy, and daffodils popping out of the snow. This year it specifically means finding cute clothes in pastel hues for my little man, DIY projects that require spray paint, and cleaning out every inch of my home for a fresh start. Big plans are in the works, let me just say. This Spring I also plan to get my days better under control now that the little'un is on a more settled schedule of sleeping and eating. That means more books and library excursions, something I am indeed excited about! I know, nerdy alert. It is a moniker I wear with honor. 

Kelsey is doing extraordinarily fine as well. Warm weather had her wearing flip flops in the yard while she helped my mother pull weeds from the front flower beds. She is so used to spending time indoors and any excuse to get out has her lighting up. She was thrilled to go out today and take more photos. When she is behind the camera she has a very particular rhythm. "1, 2, 3" click. "1,2,3" click. It is much like a waltz. She starts by holding the camera horizontal and takes three shots, then she switches to vertical and takes three shots. I love listening to her count. Half the time I do not know if she can even see through the viewfinder, but lo and behold I upload the pictures and there I am, lined up and in the shot. Spectacular!

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