Mar 5, 2012

Nifty and Thrifty

The other day I was folding baby laundry and realized by little duffer is already 4 months old! All of his 0-3 m.o. clothes are being stored in an old diaper box because he is far too big for them now. It is all happening so crazy fast! Make it stop! The only up side I really can see to this growing up thing is more cute baby boy clothes to swoon over. Well, that and sitting up. We are getting so close! 

Continuing on, I am broke. Have I mentioned that before? (probably a thousand times!) Well, it's the truth. I feel like am more broke now than I have ever been in my life. This is because when baby came I quit working full time and only do a little freelance writing on the side. So now my baby shopping is all from the thrift store. Honestly though, I don't mind. It is like hunting buried treasure. After about 47 minutes of digging and pacing I come away with some gold. My favorite outfit is the top one: checked shirt with kites from the gap and army green pants. I can't wait to dress my little gent in his spring and summer ensembles. Is anything more divine than bare baby legs and pudgy toes wriggling in the grass? I deem there is not. This Little Man is going to be better dressed than me I think, which probably isn't saying much. 

Another thing I noticed folding baby laundry was his lack of bottoms. I have shirts, onesies, and pjs, but fewer and fewer pants. So this thrift trip I was on a mission to find pants. I could not get over all of the cute cargos and khakis they had. So darling! Also the shorts. The green pair are swim trunks with surfboards and the khaki pair have little bulldogs. I swoon! They are so cute. 

And a thrifting trip would not be complete without a Sunday vest. Move over Patrick Jane.  

Total Cost = $11.95

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