Mar 5, 2012

A Sunday Stroll

Superman and I have decided that on his days off we will be obliged to take a walk. We have several scenic and not so scenic routes around our house, all of varying miles. I would totally run around my house, in fact I used to A LOT, but no longer. Too many scary things seem to happen to lone female runners these days and I do not want to employ my mad, albeit rusty, pink ranger skills or my husbands switchblade. So in stead I have opted for walking with hubby and baby and P.Potts. Initially my ears nearly froze themselves right off, but once the wind fizzled and the sun was at our backs all was lovely and right with the world. 

Potts is enamored with horses. Border collies are beings of high intelligence, just ask her, and so are horses. At least, from what I know of them, this also seems to be true. My mother grew up on a farm and occasionally we would head up to her home town for visits and take rides on a black beauty named Geisha. We always had to approach her from the front, look her in the eye, and walk very slowly otherwise she would squish us into a pancake. My grandfather warned us of this every time we took a ride and none of us became pancakes because we knew he was telling the truth. That horse was smart enough to not want any shenanigans. My grandpa also had many a border collie. So on our walks when Potts stops to chat with her equestrian companions I am always reminded of my childhood summers spent on a lovely farm. 

I would love to live on a farm, but never run one. I want a Dude Farm. That is the life for me. Oh, and a T.J. Maxx. Those two things and I would be happy. Oh, and a Sushi House, and maybe a beach. My dream life is beginning to look a bit like California. I hate when that happens!

Truth be told, I love where I live. My neighborhood, my town, my city, my state, my country. I love it all. I feel so blessed and so honored to live in this place. I love my four seasons (not the hotel) and the cows that share my street corner. I do not live on a farm, but the area around my house is very rural with several farms. I hope this is never take away. I love that most of my family, (his, mine, and ours) is within a 30 minute drive and are always ready to help out when we need it. I love walking four miles on Sunday afternoons with my three favorites and just marveling in the blue sky and snow capped mountains. Sorry Dude Farm, you will just have to wait. 

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