Mar 21, 2012

Sister Time :: Let the Spring Begin

Yesterday we said hello to the Spring Equinox. I did so with a neon blazer (colors in the photos do not do it justice) stolen from my mum's closet and K.K. added Cassette shades and chucks to her teal ribbon. Dear Spring, welcome! We are so glad you have arrived safely and we hope you stay for a nice long visit. Now just be obliging and turn some grass green and we will be thrilled. No? Not yet? You are killing me!

Many of the bloggers I follow, namely here, here, and here, are all glorifying and reveling in the cherry blossom. Darn you east coasters and all your flowery jubilee! The tree at my parents house is a poisonous plum and yes, the blossoms are beautiful, but our Spring weather has yet to catch up with your luxury just yet. However, when our hot, hot, hot summer arrives I will be soaking up the 100+ degrees with joy and remembering this heat is one of the reasons I love to live in dried out Utah. I know, it is strange. Superman hates the hot, but there is nothing I love more than UV rays, sunscreen, magazines, books, iPod, and poolside afternoons. Well, almost nothing. Throw in a snow cone and call it paradise. 

Lunch happened with our mom and aunt at noon. We gathered at JCW's where I enjoyed a side salad. I know, such a healthy girl! But then I added a raspberry cheesecake shake, fries, and fry sauce because no one is perfect. K.K. would be happy to tell you all about her loaded down burger, but her mouth was full most of the time. After lunch she and I spent some of the afternoon outside while The Bachelor Brother kicked around a soccer ball, showing off to nobody who cared. Ah life! 

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