Apr 8, 2012

Spring is in the Air this Easter Day

Nothing, I tell you nothing is sweeter than baby feet and their first experience touching green grass. The chubs on their toes curl and their faces alight with confusion, intrigue, and disgust. It was lovely fun to take K.B. on his first springy grass excursion in his bitty bull dog shorts. 

Can't you tell this little man just loves his momma? I mean, that face says it all I think. 

Kelsey sang in Easter Choir Program today and I missed it because I went to my own ward. She did fabulously though, I am sure. Next up on her agenda? HER BIRTHDAY! I cannot wait. This girl is turning 30 and my family has an extravagant affair planned. It is going to be a surprise so shhhhhhh, don't tell. 

With Springs arrival finally here in Utah It is time for everyone to jump on all the latest trends before this season quickly disappears. A blossom mustache is where its at for Spring twenty twelve. Get yours on now before summer hits and tiger lilly eye patches are all the rage. Trust me! I'm a fashion diva after all. 

Gasp! I picture of me that I LOVE!!! This is a rarity my friends and thanks to my mom it has happened. A picture I am going to print and pin up on my hubbys cork board wall in our downstairs living space. I am thrilled people, more than you possibly know. 

And then there's this guy. Anyone still curious about why he is still single? Seriously though, these were the worst pics of him in the batch. He really is a handsome guy who just hates getting his picture taken and can't be serious for more than one second in front of a camera. The Bachelor strikes again in his goal to be the perpetual geekbomb of the family. Speaking of Bachelorhood though, we did a quick City Creek excursion this last week and this guy went skipping and smiling into Hugo Boss. Poor thing had his hopes shattered to bits once he found out a nice suit from his brand of choice was not in his current I am a college student budget. Instant deflation, I assure you. 

Hope you all had a happy Easter full of family and togetherness. I also hope this season of renewal continues for all of us as we remember the resurrection of Jesus Christ and our chance to repent of wrong doings and rise again, better than ever. Happy Spring to you all, and may your hay-fever be delayed as long as possible.  

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