Apr 7, 2012

Waking Baby Syndrome

I know you are generally not supposed to wake your baby, but what about making them sleep longer? I swear naps around here only last about forty minutes on average, and that happens only two or three times a day. This guy is only five months old and already resisting the afternoon naps! Gimme a break!

Lately it has really started taking a tole on my ability to get any professional work done, let alone housework. I am up to the windows with laundry and up to the rafters, if I had such a thing, in dirty dishes. These two chores are my least favorite of all and I don't mind putting them off because baby won't sleep. Unfortunately it is getting ridiculous. Can other mommies really manage to keep it all together with more than one child? I bow down at your magnanimous homemaking, housekeeping, child rearing skills. As for me and my house, we are not quite there yet. In fact, this castle is closed until further notice.

Except, hurrah, I have recently found a little compromise. If I hold him, it all changes. If I hold him, I can get a good two hours of him sleeping. There we are, baby, mommy, and laptop all cuddled on the big bed. Baby drools and sweats on my shirt while I tickle to the keyboard somewhat efficiently. The minute he grunts and wiggles I just start rocking, and BAM, back to sleep. I keep the binks close by so the next time he wriggles I can just insert it in the slot for another thirty minutes of prolonged napitued. It is foolproof aside from the fact that I still can't do laundry and dishes.

Sometimes though, it feels like I'm cheating him somehow. Like this is some magic spell I use to keep him away form the discoveries of the world. Who needs poison apples or a spinning wheel when a breast pillow is just as effective? When he is out, and mommy is holding him, he is dead to the world. This the very same world he should be taking every opportunity to discover during these, the most informative and formative years of his life.  Every once in a small while I will feel guilty about this cuddling trickery to gain just a few more moments of work time. I am keeping him from laughing and smiling. I am keeping him from playing. I am, in its most pure essence, keeping him from happiness. I am the evil queen of all the Disney movies.

I'm lucky too, because though I am the evil queen keeping him asleep I also get to be the princess to kiss his forehead and wake him up. I get to be the first to see his sleepy eyes open, to see his little mouth quirk in a smile. I get to be the first to watch him stretch and reach out his little hands. I get to see him reawaken to the world, fully rested and ready for more laughing, learning, and loving. Mommyhood, my favorite job.

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