May 7, 2012

A Case of Monday Mondays

I am suffering from the Mondays pretty badly over here. Everything is feeling rumpled and lazy and slow going. The sun is out, the sky is blue, and I am stuck inside working my butt off trying to meet deadlines. I thought working from home would be a breeze, but that is simply not the case my friends. Despite my best efforts I am still dragging along. 

Baby boy is also suffering from this downer kind of day. He has had trouble sleeping the last few nights and is just now catching up. He has been out for about forty minutes and his usual nap time is in about another forty. It is only 10 am and I think we both feel like it is 3 o'clock. Poor thing is way out of whack and it makes scheduling my working time all the more heinous. 

Here is hoping your day is going better. Best of luck in all your endeavors this happy Monday. 

As for you summer, I will get back to you soon I hope. Mowing the lawn is something that really needs to happen this week. Same goes for laundry, but eh, who needs it when shorts and tees are in order.

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