May 10, 2012

I Have About Lost It

Early this week got word from my freelancing contractor that all writing is on hold until further notice. This is apparently because one of the uppity uppers in the company who manages assignments and content up and quit. That means my contract work is suspended and so is my paycheck. This scares me. My hubby and I and our little family have been very blessed thus far. Financially we have always had more than enough, though sometimes it might not have felt that way. We made ends meet, even if they were frayed and barely touching. Well now, without this freelance work, those ends are even more ratty and even father apart. Things are being canceled right and left. No more Direct TV, no more audible, less eating out, and no more shopping for clothes. It has only been three days and I am already feeling the weight of finances bearing down on me, crushing me to a small splat on the sidewalk.

And yet....

Despite all of the disappointment, stress, and turmoil there have been a number of bright sides opened to my view. These are things we might not have jumped on right away had it not been forced by my slight job loss.

Bright Side #1
Somehow this tragedy has turned out to be a push in the right direction. My hubby, The Superman, has been talking for some time about starting his own small business on the side. He loves hobbying out in the garage with his power tools and garage style wood shop. When he met with our tax adviser this year the man bestowed this great advice, "Never have a hobby. Have a small business." Well, that is just what we are planning to do, especially with this kick in the pants of a freelancing hiatus. Superman plans on getting his business license the middle of this month so we can start keeping track of deductions, supplies, and start selling his toys, custom furniture, and craftsman services online and around the neighborhood. We are very excited and the temporary to permanent loss of my job was just the push we needed to get started.

Bright Side #2
Freelancing used to be fun, but overtime has become more and more like a real job and not a dream job. I loved having a variety of topics to write about, coming up with quirky and engaging content. But for about the last year I have been writing about, and only about dentistry. It really has be down in the mouth. So much so that I am using dentistry puns in regular conversation. Sometimes cracking away at the keys was about as pleasant as a root canal. But, no longer. Instead I reached out to a contact I was previously put in touch with. Back then there were no job opportunities available, but he said to check back. Turns out the timing for my checking back was ideal. New part time, contract based positions had just become available and he moved my resume up the chain. Granted, I still don't have a guarantee on this job, but the writing and content I would be working with is something I am supremely interested in. Hip Hip!

Bright Side#3
I have just recently finished some "courses" on saving money. My SILW and one of my neighbors are both experts in this. The former is an excellent and avid couponer; the latter is a proficient in price matching. Combined they would make a great team. Prior to my subtle layoff I asked for their help and advice. I am a hands on learner and they opened my eyes to the world of working the system. Granted, I still have a LONG ways to go before I am going to be saving the big bucks, but it is a start and I am saving money here a little and there a little.

So instead of this job loss feeling like "You're being let go. Your department's being downsized. You're part of an outplacement. We're going in a different direction. We're not picking up your option." It actually feels like, "Booo-yah!"

P.S. Guess who is super excited about handling social media for the small business? Moi! Wish us luck. I will be sharing a new blog, instagram, facebook page, and other as soon as it is up.

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