May 29, 2012


The other day my cousin made a profound observation. She said her father thought the sharing of quotes and the liking of photos on Facebook was sufficient communication and counted as having a relationship. To me that is a bunch of bunk! This coming from the girl who regularly invades parents' house and doesn't go one day without speaking to her mother on the phone. I am not a talker on the phone, never have been, but those daily calls from the woman who is the best example to me are a treasure and are never to be replaced with a tiny thumb icon.

However, lately I have felt that instagram has taken the place of blogging, not only for me writing on the blah, blah, blog but also for reading others blogs. I follow a lot of the same people on blogger as I do on instagram. I see what they are doing, right when they are doing it. This makes me feel like I am a big part of their fun, like I am there eating a Kneaders turkey and snagging a Daylight Donut with them. Like I am out on their bike ride or intimately picnicking on the lawn under a shade tree next to them. Who needs to read a blog after that? I mean, am I not just going to see all of the same pictures and reenact all of the same actions I had already invaded? What is the point of it all?

Well, to be frank and honest, and redundant, I know, I am trying to fill a large gap in my social life right now. Not only is my best, and pretty much only lifelong friend, out of the state, but my little man means I spend a lot of my time simply home with him. I am not a friend person. I make close friends, lasting friendships. During high school I had my BFF, three girls I swam with twice a day and every day on the swim team, and a handful of people I only ate lunch with and nothing else. I never was a social butterfly. I am still not. Rather, through blogger and instagram, I am a pretender.

As you might see, on my instagram feed there are pictures of my baby, my dog, and my other family. No girls nights, no lunch parties, no playgroups. I am just now realizing how lonely this all is.

So, all of this to say, HIP HIP HOORAY FOR SUMMER! Now all of the stay at home women in my neighborhood will have their kids home too. The warm weather will have everyone yearning for lunches, walks, and Seven Peaks. There will be crafts and projects to be accomplished. There will be back yards to play in and sprinklers to run in. I am excited.

I am also going to have to be brave and start putting myself out there more. I want friends; more friends, real friends. I mean, no offense blogger buddies and instagram pals, but you feel much like my imaginary friend from kindergarten, Maggie Mulenstein III. The security blanket that once was cyber stalking is now to be broken up with reality. No more simply liking here and quoting there, but honest to goodness conversations and events.Thank goodness! I want more people to have phone calls with and not just an exchange of photo comments. I want to be writing here more about my real adventures instead of spending my days reading what everyone else is doing.

Now I am off to clean up my google reader! Ciao bellas. See you on the other side, but not really.

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