Jun 1, 2012

It's a Birthday Gift to Me

Yesterday was my birthday. Usually I am all about the party, the celebration, the presents. But this year something was different. This year my birthday felt uneventful, much like any other day. No jitters, no manic hand clapping or dancing in place in anticipation, none of that. Instead I had a reasonably ordinary day. There were a few gifts, don't you worry, but it was the regular day to day things I enjoyed most about this birthday. These are a few of the things I received on my birthday.

A 4:00 in the morning wake up call from my little man.
Two explosive baby diapers, not the worst I have seen, but close.
This Means War on Blue Ray.
The same slobbery tennis ball gifted to me again and again by my border collie.
Ten muddy baby toes and one ruined white sock.
A 12 article freelance writing gig after a full month of nothing.
Dirt under my nails and 1/2 a garden planted.
Baby free trip to see The Avengers.
A beautiful skirt and some new flat sandals from my family.
Waiting for 40 minutes in line, and the sun, to update my Pass of all Passes.
All you can eat sushi dinner from my dad.
A 20 minute wrestling match with my little son before bed.
My regular goodnight kisses from Superman.
10 happy birthday Facebook messages.

These are the things I appreciated the most from my special day. No cake, no candles, just the ones I love surrounding me all day long. My favorite flavor!

I guess this is much of what life will feel like for the rest of my existence. Things, even my birthday, will become less and less about me and the selfish things with large price tags that I want. Instead I will find the time spent with family, with my husband and my little boy, are the gifts treasure most. I know, sappy. But it is true. This year I didn't spend time making a list of all the gifts my husband could choose from because I didn't really want any of that. I just wanted another day in my own life. And I got it. Happy Birthday to me!

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