May 24, 2012

Sisterly Affection

I have been meaning to put these pictures up for a long while, but never got around to it. Then the photos fell into the back of my mind closet. Laundry, dishes, lawn clippings, and even overdue library books (i know! shame, shame)  piled on top of them until just today when I remembered them and took to digging. Anyone else ever spring clean your mind? It is rather refreshing to start new, especially when it comes to your way of thinking. I know it is practically summer and spring cleaning should have happened a month ago. I have taken the last week to just de-junk my brain. This is mostly because I am still in freelance work mode, though I haven’t had a job for three weeks. It is tiring and stressful. So I took some time to meditate, rearrange my priorities, and get back to cracking away at life; hence the reason for these photos making an appearance. I tossed out all the negative, depressing, and downright unproductive feelings and thoughts. I replaced then with excitement, happiness, and gratitude. A much needed mind shift, I assure you. 

I honestly love the way these photos turned out and I love my sister dearly, dearly. She is getting better behind the camera and I can't help but grin at the way she smiles her way through our photo shoots together.  She is also becoming more opinionated about where I should stand, how I should have my hands, and even hairs falling out of place. I am always pleased to go through the reel with her and this time she was excited to help me choose which ones to put on the blog. “That one!” she would say about almost every picture. She especially loves the ones of me cheesing it up. So here they are, the rest of her selections. 

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