May 22, 2012

Entitled Weekly

Sorry for the delay on this "Entitled Weekly" post, but things have gotten very stirred up around here lately. My Superman kicked things in to high gear and got a business licence. It has been crazy busy these last few days he has been home. I have been put in charge of all his "marketing" because I am such a genius at it after all; wink, wink. We want to do a blog page, facebook page, instagram, and all that jazz. We finally settled on a name and things are looking up. I will post more about it soon, once I have a better handle on things around the tangled world wide web. I am lately working on answering questions like: What should I use? Blogger, Wordpress, something else? Do we want a "website, website"? How do you sell things on etsy anyway? See, toldja, genius! So once I get it all settled out I will be shamelessly linking all of our personal business on my blog.

Until then, here is what my week looked like as a series of book titles.

We are Officially in Business, Small Business
We Meet Again Paypal
No More all You Can Eat Sushi for You!
The Challenges of Riding a Stationary Bike; It's Harder than it Looks
Bedtime Baby Wrestling and Nap Time Revolts
The Accidental Death of a Snake
Sticky Pear Mush all on the Kitchen Floor

It has been busy, needless to say. Any good book titles from your week?

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