Jun 13, 2012

Writer’s Block: I’m Off to See the Wizard

Question: Are there any movies that you absolutely loved when you were younger that you've watched again and found awful or ridiculous?
Why yes, yes I have. Behold, "The Last Unicorn." I swear this movie came on every Thanksgiving when I was a wee little girl and I loved it. I thought the unicorn was so beautiful and wanted to be that unicorn girl so badly. Then, not long ago, I found this movie on DVD and just had to, had to, had to buy it. I was thrilled and tracked my package via Amazon until its arrival. The very night it was delivered I made my husband order pizza and plugged in the disk. I was super duper excited to revisit one of my favorite childhood films, the best movie ever! Alas, much to my horror and dismay, it was a flop, a dud, a zero. I had forgotten almost all of the plot. Watching it from this adult perspective I saw it as dull, poorly written, and badly executed.  Also, I decided the unicorn girl was not as beautiful and mystical as I had remembered. It was a sad, sad day. The movie was banished to a large box of ex-excellent DVDs and sent along to the pawn shop with a handful of others including:

That last one is actually one of my hubby's favorites from his childhood and when we watched it I seriously wanted to gouge out my eyes. It was so bizarre and strange and didn't make any sense. It is a sad thing, growing up and losing touch with the part of us that was enamored by these movies. The innocence and excitement have been overrun. Now I would much rather opt for special effects, anything made by Pixar or Disney or both, and TV series on DVD. 

So what about you? Any childhood movies you have recently revisited and wondered why and how you could ever have liked them? 

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