Jun 15, 2012

6.15 Entitled Weekly

I have had every excuse to get as much done as possible this week, but I simply decided not to. My hubby worked most days, my baby napped most days, and even my dog was content to let me be. Despite it all I was just not in the mood for house work, yard work, or any kind of work for that matter. I was on a working moratorium. My reason? Sugar. Hubby and I have been off of sugar this entire month. I have not really felt as much pang from this decision as I thought I would. However, without my usual reward system in place, aka dark chocolate brownies, I have had to find other ways to give myself pats on the back. The best way I have found happens to be laziness. Laziness for most of the week. If this week were a series of book titles this is what they would be:

"Baby Sleeps, Mommy Sleeps, and Everyone is Happy"
"The Day No One Did Laundry"
"Fetching Mail"
"I Make Dinner...Sometimes"
"Perfecting your Army Crawl: A Baby's Perspective"
"A River of our Own one Afternoon"

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