Jun 26, 2012

Writer's Block: Secret Agent Man

Question: Which alias or code name would you be known by if you were a secret agent? Why?

Agent Mackenzie Widow

Why? If I told you I would have to kill you. Ok, just kidding. I like the name Mackenzie because you can break it down a number of ways: Mac, Ken, Kenzie, Z. See what I mean? As a secret agent I would be able to have a number of names, not just one. That is stealth right there. Also, I like the last name Widow because it is intimidating, creepy, arachnoid, and because I liked Scarlett Johannson in "The Avengers" and she played Black Widow. It also has the ring of Batman, because I am terrified of spiders in real life. Hence, Mackenzie Widow. Also, "Widow, Mackenzie Widow" does have a nice ring to it. 

As a kid I always pretended to be a spy. I would carry around a flip top calculator as my mini laptop and find ingenious places to hide a bunch of other spy apparatuses. I would hide in the dark pantry and spy on my sister who would be singing karaoke to her bedroom mirror. Sneaking through clothes racks at the mall was also one of my specialties. Needless to say, spy blood runs in my veins. Secretly I still wish I could kick butt, wield a gun expertly, and catch all the bad guys. Alas, there is no room for knock out gas or surveillance cameras in my diaper bag. It is already full of toys, binkies, wipes, and baby spoons. Granted, I am sure I could come up with some spy contraption with those spoons if necessary. 

If you are in need of an alias you might try here or here. Or just be like me and make up your own. So? What would your code name be spy captain?

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