Jun 26, 2012

A Gathering of Bloggers

Another bloggy meet up and I am seriously thinking I am pro by now. That is a total of three for me. I had a buddy this time, K.B. and let me tell you, he was the star of the show! I got to talk with a myriad of bloggers I admire all because they couldn't keep their eyes off of him. He was a gem through the whole thing. He kept his hat on through the whole thing all because he was thoroughly distracted by a black, plastic spoon I gave him to chew on. Fantastic! Because of him we also got our picture taken twice by the reigning photographers in attendance. We mixed, we mingled, and we ate some cookies. It was a wonderful event and a great way to get more people to stalk on instagram. The Mingle @ Soel really was such a great way to share the blogging love. I won a drawing and got a ton of loot! Also, Jef from Bachelorette was there, granted I had no idea who he was, but I knew he had some kind of celebrity swag the way the ladies were flocking to him. It was only after the meet up that I finally skimmed through several blog posts to figure out who he was. I know, lame-o! That embarrassment is almost as bad as eating the guacamole with my spoon. Yep, I went there and I spilled right on the most embarrassing part of my shirt. Nice green blob on my breest all through the blogger mingle. Booyah!

See more about it here, here, and here
More good looking photos from Justin Hackworth and Ashley Thalman.

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  1. Great images from Justin Hackworth! He has shot our family photos for four years and we love him. Looks like a great blogger meetup, soel is fabulous.

    I found your blog through Kayla at Freckles in April. You have a great eye!

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