Jul 2, 2012

Super Mommy Powers

When I was brand new mommy material I felt like I couldn't get anything right. Every effort of every day was devoted to perfecting baby's latch, bathing him, changing diapers, and putting him to sleep. I was so caught up in taking care of him I didn't even realize the evolution happening in myself. I must have been bit by some type of radioactive spider because I developed a number of skills over the course of these 8 months I never thought possible of my clumsy, distractable, former pre-mommy self. 

Nursing and clipping baby's finger nails at the same time without hurting him or me.
Moping the entire kitchen floor and entryway in under 15 minutes.
Drinking more water than a desert camel without having to hit up the restroom every hour.
Washing a writhing, wriggling, squirming baby.
Dish washing as a routine instead of a fluke accident.
Cooking tilapia and cauliflower.
Full control and power over my gag reflex.
Expert boogie snatcher and dispeller.

Those are just a handful of my newly discovered super human powers. Mommyhood really changes a person. This I now thoroughly recognize. This Littleman makes even the most mundane tasks feel like grand accomplishments and I love it! Being a mom, his mom, is the best gift. I thought staying home day in and day out raising this boy would have me banging my head against the wall out of boredom. Certainly not the case here. I love being with him, watching him, discovering with him. There are so many changes happening in him regularly that I can't believe how far he has come in just 8 short months.

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