Jun 30, 2012

Baby's First Hike

...in which I carry him the entire way and he pretty much sleeps through the whole thing.

This last weekend my dad took Friday off so he and my little brother decided to take the day and Hike to the top of Timp. I was jealous because I love this hike, but there was no way I would be able to attempt it with baby boy. So instead they volunteered to go on another, smaller, much smaller, hike with us the next day. So we did it! I packed baby up in the Ergo and took Saturday afternoon to test it out. Here is the official report. 

I, London of A London Review, Hereby Report:
127 Minutes of stomping, tromping, and hill climbing. 
30 seconds of water rushing down from head to toe.
5 chocolate, macaroon granola bars.
4 hot dogs to share.
3 empty water bottles.
2 very tired legs.
1 brief incident with a rogue branch of stinging nettle.
A pair of muddy boots and socks.
A very convincing farmer's tan.
A sweaty, broad rimmed fedora.
A foaming, sputtering border collie. 
The happiest, most well rested Littleman.
Official Review: Success!

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