Jun 29, 2012

6.29 Entitled Weekly

Things are really starting to look like Summertime around here and nothing says summer better than this baby in a baby fedora. I saw this hat at Old Navy and fell head over heels in love with it. They also had a baby straw fedora with a blue plaid band. I got both! Its crazy, I know. My kid doesn't even really like to wear hats. But for six bucks? What would you do? The blue hat is big, like 6 months too big on his little bean, but I love it so much and see many a hat wearing days in our future. This is because I do not want his fair scalp to be scorched by the sun. It has been in the 90s here, regularly. Something I am completely in love with. Summer is a good season. 

This week has been pretty laid back around our parts. I have actually gotten some work down around the house and was offered a writing gig for the end of the week. Baby KB is as engaging as ever and now that the army crawl is firmly in place around here I have to keep the floors free of baby choking debris. Hard work, this mommyhood. 

This Week in a Series of Book Titles
"Monday Night, Family Night, Nighty Night"
"Two Top Teeth Take Teething Tablets"
"Kiddie Pools are for Babies"
"10 Tricks to Keep Baby from Pulling Off his Hat"
"Cute Baby at Blogger Mingle: A Great Way to Start Conversation and Have Your Picture Taken"
"Smokin' Hot Inversion"
"The Snake that Never Leaves!"
"Baby, Where Did You Get That? Adventures in Baby Crawling"
"Nail Polish? What is That?"

How did your week look? Good? I hope so. 

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