Aug 24, 2012

Writers Block :: What's in Your Kitchen

Question: If you could choose to be any kitchen appliance what would you be and why?

Honestly I have no idea why I chose this question other than the fact that it intrigues me. It reminds me of a game I played during a youth activity where we all sat in a circle and passed around a bag of random questions. As the answers, stories, and laughter spiraled around the circle and upwards towards heaven we each got to know each other a little better and feel the companionship that unified us as a group. Some of the questions were thought provoking, deep, and soulful. Others, much like this question, seemed downright silly; and yet very interesting as well.

"What is the best birthday present you ever received?" "Who from history would you like to meet?" "When is a time in your life you remember being the happiest?" "If you were stranded on a desert island what three luxury items would you take with you if you already had food, water, and shelter?" "If you were stranded on a dessert island what would it be made of?"

So when I see this question I see one of the funny, yet also profound questions from that evening. Why? Because kitchen appliances are so varied in their structure and use.

Take the fridge. It keeps things cold, it is accommodating to all varieties of food, and it can also be the most likely place you will find a fuzzy pickle hidden in a back corner. I am not a fridge.

There is also the stove. Here things are heated up and ladled out of saucepans. The stove is where steam happens and maybe even fire. The stove burns, scalds, and is constantly surrounded by this aura of danger. I am not a stove.

So what the heck am I?

If I were to take a look around my kitchen at all of the useful appliances and pick one that most resembles myself I would have to say I am the toaster oven. Our little toaster oven is cute. It is red. This thing gets so much use around here. I love to make toast in it, yes, but I also make chicken cordon blue, melted cheese sandwiches, and roasted carrots. It is perfect for reheating french fries and cold pizza. It is perfect for those nights when Spencer is working late and I want a single serving, warm dinner. My toaster oven is useful, reliable, and practically fool proof. You turn a dial here, throw a switch there and in a matter of minutes you have a warm meal. The toaster oven is also a novelty item for me because I did not have one in my house while growing up. It makes me feel resourceful. I like that in a toaster oven.

So if you had to choose one kitchen appliance, what would you be?

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