Sep 26, 2012

A New Way to Downsize

Say hello to my new favorite blog. Only five posts and I am already smitten silly. Small Fry reflects everything I am currently seeking in the blogs I follow. Divine pictures, heartwarming content, inspiration for me and my Littleman, and some of the cutest kiddies on the planet! 

Honestly though, my blog tastes have been evolving these past few months. I wasn't really noticing the change until I did a little fall cleaning of my reader feed. There was before me a trend in blogs I was deleting. More and more fashion bloggers were finding their way to the trash bin. Don't get me wrong, Kendi and Elaine still rock my socks, and printed pants, but I want so much more, especially with my little man pitter-pattering around the house leaving chaos in his wake. I was thinking the other day, Why is this change happening? I love clothes, I really do! Then the ladies of Small Fry went and wrote this post and I was practically shouting "yes, yes, yes!" 

Modern mommy hood does feel so isolated, especially for me. K.B. is my first little one. In my mind I had this picture of what my future life would be like as this perfect mommy. We would go to the park, go on bike rides, bake bread, and I would totally wear an apron every day. I would have friends who were mommies going through the exact same thing I was going through.Then the torrent of duties began crashing down on me, and all of it was happening behind closed doors. This feeling was sharpened by the fact that my BFF is raising her little man in Carolina, while I am in Utah. We had hopes of striking out on this adventure together, and I felt completely alone for so long. Then I found the blogs, lots of them. 

These were not the typical blogs I was reading before. These were the beautiful mommy blogs; the blogs that reflected my lustrous vision of mommyhood. Some of these blogs include: Katie's Pencil Box, Petite Biet, and Our Little Almanac. Why am I so attracted to these blogs? Because they give me a community of people who want to see the beauty in every day life, especially the days spent with their kids. Delicious! And now I have one to add to the collection. The best part? These ladymoms are fairly local, so the things they are doing are things I could easily go and do myself. Win, win, win. So say hello to Small Fry, a huge favorite. 

So have your blog appetites changed? What are you reading now?


  1. I'm not a mother yet, but even I am attracted to the sort of blogs that you describe--substantive lifestyle blogs. In the stage of life that I am currently in I feel like it's easy to become isolated and it takes extra effort to reach out and change that.

  2. I love the blog Small Fry too! I just discovered it and its so cute!