Sep 14, 2012

Provo Blogger Meetup @ Spark

provo blogger meetup
Escaped from the house last night for some much needed blogger talk. Met some new friends to stalk, chatted up old acquaintances, and drank watermelon lemonade (I die it was was so good). These blogger meetups definitely help me feel more a part of the blogging community. Also, the woes of blogging are shared by all I tell you! 

I personally had conversations about anonymity, personal sharing, changing a blog to private, being true to myself, remaining positive, conflict, and even mean comments. Every time I open up blogger I take a moment to ponder my purpose. Why am I doing this? Who is reading? What in the world do I have to say that someone else hasn't already said, and ahem certainly said better? All of these questions could drag me down, but instead they give me hope. This blog is first and foremost for me. That is something all the bloggers at the meetup agreed on. It was so good to spend some time with other bloggers and feel that little lift. 

After the meetup I returned home to my sick baby, still awake and crying, and my tired to death and happy to see me husband. It was close to 11 pm and I was so happy my Superman let me sneak away from my messy life for a couple of hours. I loved my mini escape to Spark and had such a great time. To learn the names and blogs to match the faces visit this post. 

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  1. I've always wanted to attend a blogger meet-up. Writing is my main focus in blogging, and everything written has to have an audience. It must be nice to connect with other bloggers and actually meet people instead of liking them from afar. :)