Sep 16, 2012

Right at This Moment I Am...

...Sitting amidst a pile of crumpled Kleenex, all of them used by K.B. and myself.

...Sipping at the hot cider from my extra large, white mug that must be held with both hands.

...Watching the first Harry Potter movie and remembering back to the first time I saw it in theaters.

...Wearing black and white striped socks, holey jeans, a yellow T, and my grey cardigan.

...Waiting for my phone to buzz and tell me someone is coming to rescue me from this house.

...Wishing I were well enough to attend our regional church conference.

...Feeling like the skin around my eyes is as bruised as a serpents head.

...Thinking the scratch in my throat is the worst form of torture.

...Propped up with pillows and watching my Littleman sleep. Lucky!

...Craving a good mug of soup.

...Headed down to the kitchen. C ya!

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