Sep 19, 2012

K.B. vs. Highchair

Picking a highchair is something, as a first time mommy, I have been putting off. We tried the bobby chair for a little while, but about the third time we put him in there he arched his back right out of it. (Yes, he was on the floor, and yes his daddy and I were right there the entire time). I mean, the kid was only three months old and I could already see the nightmare that would be highchair. So instead we used his bouncy chair when he started on basic cereals. Then we progressed to the little walker he can sit in when he started stage one foods. We have been perfectly happy with this walker as make shift highchair aside from one thing, no tray. If this little blue and green seat with wheels had a tray we would so be in business. Alas, it didn't, and because finger foods are becoming more and more of a preference for Littleman it was time for some serious consideration. 

I do not know how it is for other moms, but I tend to go a little bit overboard when it comes to baby products. I read all of the Amazon reviews, I check stars and ratings, I make a spreadsheet of brands, prices, and ratings. It is out of control! I did this for car seats and strollers. I did this for binkies and breast pumps. But I was not going to do this with highchairs. We did not need a $300 dollar high chair. We could not afford one anyway. Instead I left the decision up to Ikea, and my mom of course. 

We perused all of the sleek high chairs and I knew right away the one I wanted, but did not say a word. I simply scoped out the competition with nonchalance like the others in our party. I waited to see what they thought. Turned out we all liked the same one, the black one. 

We didn't get home from our Ikea trip until after 10pm. But you can bet the next morning, bright and early, I had my Superman assembling the new chair. We tested it out for breakfast. We tested it out during lunch. G.G. came over and she tested it with dinner. All three instances were marks in the win column. K.B. loved being up where he could easily see mommy and join in the conversation. He loved being able to reach for the sippy whenever he pleased. He even loved the foggy place setting G.G. simply could not leave on the Ikea shelves. 

So now K.B. is a big boy, with a big boy high chair and I will simply have to find another way of keeping him from growing up too fast. Next item to put off? His 1st birthday. Wish me luck ;)

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  1. Ah, you made me laugh with this one! But really, I don't think you are going overboard with the baby gear by doing your research. Truthfully, there are just so many products out there right now that making a spreadsheet sounds like the smartest idea... as opposed to having buyer's remorse about a high chair (something I know a thing or two about)!