Oct 29, 2012

Behold the JuJu

My little boy, from almost the first week he was home, has been called JuJu. It is the endearing nickname my family, especially Tio, has had for my little boy. We never really knew the reasoning, and when pressed my little brother said he was just looking at the little baby face and he saw a JuJu. So, from this early christening there have stemmed a number of little nicknames. Some call him Ju, others JuJu. Mostly I call him Jujubee because somewhere in the back of my mind I remembered there being a candy called that. 

One day at the grocery store I did find a gummy candy, but they were called Jujyfruits. I was certain I had gotten Jujubes from somewhere. So I finally got around to online research and voila! Here they are, the Jujubes. It is likely I will be picking these up for a stocking stuffer for my little JuJu. 

Sadly though, despite this nickname having lasted nearly a year, my husband still does not approve of his Littleman being called JuJu. He still, to this day, refuses to use that nickname. Honoring his wishes I think my family has backed off a little as well. As for me, it is almost too late. I have called him JuJu for so long I don't know if I can get rid of it. And NOW that I have found the candy I most certainly will have an even more difficult time giving up my little Jujube. I mean we don't call him Honey Boo Boo, so it could certainly have been worse. 

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