Oct 20, 2012

The End of My World

The world I have been living in for nearly the past year is officially over. This kid has grown his legs and there is no turning back. He walks everywhere. No more of this crawling nonsense, not for this boy. I thought it would be a fun transition, and it has been. 

He was so timid and never wanted to let go of the couch to stutter out a few steps in my direction. Instead he would reach to the very edge of his fingertips before plopping right down on his diaper padded bottom and speeding over to me on his hands and knees, all while laughing hysterically. Then he would get so excited while trying to walk over to me he would only get a couple steps before crumpling with over joyous giggles. Quickly those sweet moments became fewer and fewer. He traveled a little further with each try. He would stumble out one more step or hold his balance one second longer. I knew the day was rapidly approaching when he would leap from the safe little nest and begin to fly.

Then it did, it happened. One day not too long ago, while hanging out in the downstairs with my boy, television on, I watched him practically cross the room like it was no big thing. I wanted to whoop and cheer. I wanted to clap and holler. I wanted to do a happy dance and sweep him up. Instead I calmly told him he did such a good job, knowing if I got him too excited he would immediately sit down so he could laugh. Then what did he do? The little man looked in my direction and just kept right on walking the farthest he had ever walked. It was the cutest little stiff legged saunter I have ever seen. 

Now he waltzes all around the house. Now he doesn't even need a chair or wall to get into a standing position. Instead he places his feet wide, palms to the floor, grunts, and hefts his upper body above his hips while maintaining his feet firmly planted. He walks everywhere. He carries his dump truck from room to room. I swoon and sigh when I see how grown up he is. What a handful and what a treasure. I will however, sorely miss the crawling days. As I said, there is no going back. He thinks he now has to walk everywhere. I will miss the playing and exploring we did on the ground. Now his is raising to new heights and won't stop until he reaches the stars, I am sure. 

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