Oct 19, 2012

Friday Favorites // Baby's Fall Edition

That felted fox hat. Lets just start by saying how gosh darn cute that hat is. I'm in love with this hat. It is autumnal perfection for my baby boy. I wasn't really falling for the whole foxy trend before seeing this hat. Now I am completely on board. 

That blazer. Zara has some of the cutest baby clothes, and this little blazer fits right in. I can see Littleman wearing this day and night. He actually likes to wear vests and jackets so I am going to exploit his affinity for outerwear while it lasts. 

That sweater. Things are getting frigid around here, and sweaters must abound. I only have about three or four little pullover sweaters for my guy so I would love to add a few more to our fall collection. The green of these rugby stripes is to die for. 

Those shoes. Shoes are probably the chink in my frugal baby clothes buying armor. Superman always says spending money on baby shoes is pointless because he will grow out of them so quickly. I, however, cannot help myself. Baby sneakers turn me to mush, and baby high tops, I am liquefied. 

Those pants with suspenders. Hello! Baby suspenders are the most adorable thing. We only have one pair and I love them to death. Unfortunately they, like this pair, have buttons for only one pair of pants and if those pants are in the wash I fall into a deep depression until they are all clean. Having this extra pair would change my life. 

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