Nov 2, 2012

K.B. Meets the Slide

I recently took K.B. Boy to the park for a little fall fun. We have visited a couple of times in the past, but for the most part I hold his fingers while he walks around on the stumbly wood chips. He hates how they feel on his hands, so usually when I tried to let go of him he would promptly sit and then reach his hands back up to me. He wasn't very interested in doing much else. I tried the swings and the slid, but both were not met with much excitement. This time though, things changed. Littleman was suddenly smitten with the slides. He enjoyed all of them very much, but as evidenced by the video, the tube slide was by far his most favorite, especially because he could do it all by himself. So we went down, down, down again and again. I mean, how could I not? His scrunched up face and little squeals were irresistible and I wanted to watch him and hear him over and over.

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