Dec 1, 2012

Writer's Block :: Family Matters

Question: What things do you know you can count on your family for?

I am one very lucky lady when it comes to family. I am not only talking immediate family, but extended as well as in laws. I seriously love my family members, each and every one. They are all very supportive, charitable, funny, and entertaining. Also many of them live close by making it easy to count on them for any number of things. Here are just a few of the many ways my family has proven to be dependable and more than a mere asset in my life.

I can count on my family:
1. for a load of laughs.
2. to help and serve in times of need.
3. during moments of trial or sadness.
4. when no one else can help me make it through tough times.
5. to love me no matter what and especially after I have done something stupid.
6. to be honest, especially when the truth hurts.
7. for a good movie recommendation when i need something new.
8. to have grand adventures with.
9. to come together often in love and unity.
10. to help keep me on the straight and narrow path.
11. when my faith is shaking and my resolve weakening.
12. for even the little things like toilet paper.
13. to supply the take out.
14. for making light work with many, many hands.
15. when I need a break from daily life and strife.

See? What did I tell you. I can always count on my family to come in and save the day; whether I need a shoulder to cry on, arms to lift me up, or even to sedate a simple popcorn craving. They are the best! The are awesome! They are the whole reason this life is worth living.

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