Nov 27, 2012

November: Warm for Winter

Things are getting a little chilly around here, especially since I spent the last few days in southern Utah where temps were nearly 70 and sunny pretty much from start to finish of our vacation. When we got back home the only thing I could feel was the chill of a biting wind and dropping temps. Cold, cold, finger numbing cold that made my very knees ache with terror. Wintertime is fine, but this transitional stage always leaves me feeling icy to the bone. I love snow, but I hate just plain cold. If it is going to be cold, there simply must be snow. End of story! Which is why I have given myself a warm winter lineup on beso so that maybe I can be inspired to do battle with the cold while still looking fab.

This little ensemble is by no means affordable if I had to purchase every piece. The Micheal Kors puffer coat alone would put me in the poor house. However, with only a little tweaking I could make this outfit work with a few items I already have in my possession  It does put a damper on the dream shopping fun, but this little list can easily act as part of my letter to Santa for the time being. It is something akin to "warm, woolen mittens" wouldn't you say?

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