Nov 26, 2012

Right This Moment I Am...

...Not wanting to go and finish vacuuming the upstairs living room so instead I am posting on the blog :)
...Really feeling disdainful towards the prospect of cooking dinner.
...Being mugged on by a sweet little boy with a runny nose. (More bogies on my new shirt!)
...Feeling the warm air from the heater blow down my neck.
...Officially listening to Xmas music! Hip hooray!
...Craving a nice mug of vanilla hot chocolate. 
...Waiting for my Superman to come home from work.
...Excited for some wedding invites I am editing for my cousin. 
...Avoiding the temptation of Cyber Monday, a monumental task I assure you.
...Telling my son to put the Charlie Brown Christmas DVD back on the shelf. He puts it on the floor. 
...Being barked at by Potts because she wants to come back inside to play.
...Realizing nothing I have written has anything to do with a stuffed Lion. Oh well.

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