Jan 23, 2013

5 Things to Know About Me

I have been seeing a little something floating around instagram that I have thoroughly enjoyed, and you have probably seen it many a time in cyberspace. It is the "5 things you may not know about me" tag game. I really do love reading these obscure, little known facts about the people I follow. However I think that kind of post is a little premature for my relationship with this blog. So instead of five little known facts about myself, I am going to express five things you certainly should know about me. These are not unknown secrets relegated to my personality or character, rather they are simply the facts about who I really am. This is the basic makeup of my personal human nature. 

1. I am not shy, I am just a good listener. Many people confuse my silence for bashfulness or anti-social tendencies, but the reality is I simply participate and socialize by mainly using my auditory abilities. I love meeting new people, forging new relationships, and hearing their stories. Truthfully I would love sharing my own stories in exchange, but can never seem to articulate them in person. Off the cuff verbal communication is not my forte. I stammer, I trip over my words, and I almost always end up sputtering out something offensive, idiotic, embarrassing, or regretful. Surprise, surprise! Turns out I am better at hammering my stories out over a keyboard or scrawling them down in a moleskin. So, in a conversational setting I will be sitting off to the side with wrapped attention and many a question to ask, but little to reveal about myself in return.

2. I am not competitive, I just like to work hard. I participated on my high school swim team and I was pretty darn good. I competed in every event possible on the state level aside from the 50M freestyle. This was not because I was a competitive swimmer. It was not because I wanted to win or do better than the other racers. It was because I loved the feeling of working hard, of leaving everything in the water, of exhaustion and yet strange exhilaration after practice. I was in the pool for a total of 4 hours a day. I never missed practice if I could help it. To this day I love hitting up the gym and sweating it out in spin class. I love digging and planting a garden or moving rocks. I love mowing the lawn. I love all these laborious tasks because I love to work hard. 

3. I am not brilliant, I am just a dumb nerd. In school I liked math and science. I was never charming or smart enough to be teacher's pet, but that didn't stop me from craving that kind of status. I have so many cardigans I could be a public librarian, and secretly I still want to be one. LOTR would have to be some of my favorite books, movies, and action figures (and yes, I just admitted to that). I am clumsier than a three legged giraffe on stilts. I continually push my glasses up on the bridge of my nose; and I even do it when I am not actually wearing glasses. I may look smart, but don't let that fool you. I am simply a curious and avid reader with too many cardigans and not enough time.

4. I am not a shopper, I simply love to browse. I am one of those women who could spend two hours at T.J. Maxx and still not have sifted through all I wanted to sift. I can walk through the mall for hours, not coming away with anything, but still feel strangely fulfilled after the excursion. Why? I am a browser. I love looking at clothes, trying on clothes, and drooling over the shoes. I do not particularly like forking over my hard in cash and them regretting my purchases every mile of the way home. I do not handle guilt very well. Which is why I am quite taken with thrifting. Though I am still not a pro, I can proudly say approx. 75% of the gifts I gave for Xmas this year came from Savers. Booyah! If I did have money though, I would certainly be a shopper.

5. I am not an emotional wreck, I just cry, a lot. This is a family trait I'm sad to say. My dad breaks down in tears at the drop of a hat and I am nearly right there with him every time. Having a baby made this condition even worse. Sweet sentiments, loss, hurt--all of these things tug, rather harshly, on my heartstrings which are apparently connected directly to my tear ducts. I cry in movies, at commercials, and especially when I read something particularly lovely in a book or greeting card. Mostly though, when I see someone I care about start to cry, that is when I loose it completely. It is pathetic and pretty embarrassing, but it cannot be helped. 

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