Jan 25, 2013

Friday Morning Breakfast :: The Grapefruit Broiled

broiled grapefruit

Friday is the day I usually make an effort with breakfast, because I seriously LOVE breakfast foods. Breakfast is my favorite food group. How can you not love waffles, crepes, sausage and bacon? The smell of it wafting through the house on a Friday morning is heavenly and says, "bring on the weekend!" Unfortunately I have tried in vain to begin a Friday Morning Breakfast tradition in our home. Superman's not down with it. See, he doesn't like to eat breakfast unless we are camping. Sad right? What is a breakfast loving girl like myself supposed to do with that? 

So instead of whipping up batch after batch of blueberry pancakes and cheesy hash-browns I am stuck trying to make a tremendously tasty breakfast for one and a half without being wasteful. I really need a Friday Brunch Club. I mean Play Group is great, Book Club is better, but Friday Brunch Club sounds like Elysium. Any takers? No. Fine, be that way!

Anyways, for my first real effort at my own Friday Morning Breakfast we have ventured into foreign territory : The Grapefruit. I don't know about you, but I have noticed all the hip and trendy folk seem to really love The Grapefruit. They eat it raw. They put it in juice, smoothies, and glazes. They even make them into doughnuts. All I keep thinking is yuck, I don't like The Grapefruit. 

I have never really liked it. It was a breakfast my Canadian grandfather had every time he visited. I would watch him sprinkle white sugar over the ruby red center and eat it straight from the rind with a spoon. It looked good when he did it with his shaky hands. So, I'd sidle up next to him at the kitchen table and help myself to the other half of The Grapefruit. I would generously sprinkle my sugar, lick my spoon, and squish in. The first bite was blech, the second not much better. I would always end up with my regular bowl of sugar cereal while Grandpa finished off The Grapefruit. 

But I am an adult now, and apparently adults eat The Grapefruit all the time. Pinterest says they do. And bonus, it is supposed to be pretty good for you. So I took the plunge and tried a new way to eat The Grapefruit--broiled. It was super easy. While the oven worked its magic I toasted two pieces of wheat toast and spread them with cream cheese, a personal favorite in case The Grapefruit broiling experiment completely failed. When the timer buzzed I settled down at the table once more, very reminiscent of my childhood breakfasts with Grandpa. Turns out the warm, caramelized version of The Grapefruit wasn't half bad. I ate all of it. Granted, this breakfast is nothing compared to fluffy, Belgian waffles, but it will do. 

1 grapefruit
2 tbsp brown sugar

Cut The Grapefruit in half. Sprinkle both halves with the brown sugar. Place in oven safe container, brown sugar up. Broil for 7 minutes. Remove being sure not to catch the oven mitts on fire (yup, eek! I did that), cool, and enjoy! 

P.S. Littleman tried it and made a face. He's simply not ready to embrace The Grapefruit just yet. 

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