Jan 10, 2013

Quiet Moments of Two Home Bodies

A snowy storm is blowing in and this mommy and baby boy are happy to cuddle. The flurries are not flying just yet, but we don't mind. During this cold weather we spend most of our days inside, especially when Superman works. That is to say, we are a one car family. At first I thought it was the equivalent of house arrest, never being able to go where I pleased, when I pleased. It was difficult at fist, to make the adjustment. Now though, now I am used to the quite days spent indoors. 

We get chores and other boring things done in the mornings. We nap before lunch. Then we eat and play. Sometimes, if mommy is lucky, baby boy will go down for another nap in the later part of the afternoon and I can get things done that do not involve curious little hands and fingers. This is when I write, blog, and sometimes work. It is just enough time to myself that I don't feel completely swallowed up. Then, when baby wakes, we cook dinner and wait for Superman to get home. The routine is quiet and comfortable. Turns out, it is also something I crave. Oh the quiet life. It probably sounds boring to most, but to me it is a treasure. 

In the summer I hope to enjoy more adventurous pursuits, like hiking, biking, and library scavenging. I also hope to tackle a few nesting projects and help my hubby grow his little woodworking business. This is probably why I am soaking up these winter warm fuzzies. Keep 'em coming.

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