Jan 14, 2013

Building Blocks

Starting fresh is always fine, but also can be quite difficult. I find that as a new year overtakes me I have a hard time navigating through the first month. I often have this constantly moving ticker-tape running through my mind of all the things I want to accomplish in the day, week, month, and year ahead. "Make the bed, clean the kitchen, remake the dresser, compete in a triathlon." There it goes, blurring by while I try to do it all at once. 

This is me, every January. Sigh, I can't help it. Most of the time it wears me out and drags me down instead of motivates me. To boot, January weather makes nearly everything impossible. No painting furniture, no exercise outdoors, and no playgrounds, unless you don't care about keeping your fingers. Which I am quite fond of all ten, so...

That is where the building blocks come in. This year I am dedicating January to setting up the building blocks. I am carefully laying the foundation one small block at a time. Example: I want to repaint this old dresser of my little brothers and use it in my sons room. This is because the little cloth boxes I was using for his clothes are completely insufficient now. Though, with temperatures in the single digits around here there is no way I will make any sanding or painting progress, but that is just fine. However, I can make steps toward my finished goal, like acquiring the dresser, hauling it from my parents' to my own house, and stripping the flaky paint. Now I at least feel like I am accomplishing something and not just treading water. 

Brick by brick I am making my way through this, the first month of 2013. Heaven help me just make it through this first month. 

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