Jan 15, 2013

Too Early for Awakening

This kid work up screaming at one-o-clock this morning, finally went back down at five, and then woke up at his usual time just before eight. I can tell you, it was not a good night for me. 

K.B. woke up screaming. That never happens. Usually he works himself up to the loud, mommy cringing yowls. Immediately I could tell he was hurting somewhere, somehow, but I didn't know the where or how.  I cuddled. I massaged. I used teething tablets. I changed his diaper. I did all I could really think of and none of it was working. I rubbed his belly. Then, tired of leaning over the crib, I laid on the floor with a stuffed frog as a pillow, slid my hand through the slats, and rubbed his back or belly a little while longer. He tossed and turned. So we went and found our favorite spot on the couch downstairs and watched a little Pride and Prejudice, Keira Knightly version. 

It was rough and troubling. He us usually such a great sleeper and even if he is not feeling great I can usually get him back to sleep. This was night terrors of some kind. No matter what I did he kept resisting. We had a sleepy wrestling match until just before 5 a.m. Then he dropped off and I tried to return him to the crib. No luck mommy. He started screaming only ten minutes after I flopped into my own bed. 

This morning was a harsh reality to face. Thankfully baby got at least 8 hours of sleep, I was closer to 6, but it was certainly better than nothing. And when he woke up at his usual time, around 8 a.m., I was resigned not to let his bout of sleeplessness ruin everything. So I hauled out my camera and captured this messy faced boy in his pjs. I love his scrawny legs and poochy belly. I love his messy hair and tired eyes. I love this boy and am so thankful to have him and share a bad night together. This face is something I never want to take for granted because I know that I will blink and this little boy will grow up. 

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