Feb 20, 2013

Living In

The Superman and I have been living in this house for six and a half years, and the house is nine years old. My husband put in a lot of sweat equity while the house was being built, making sure the plans were just to his liking. Sadly though, I feel like I am in a constant state of moving in. Why? Because before I was part of his life, Superman shared this house with roommates. 

They were smelly, messy, profusely male roommates. There were weights in the living room, swords in the family room, and a poker table hogging up a ton of space. Once, when I came over to watch a football game, one of his roommates burned eggs and it smelled awful! Fortunately when the roommates left so did the weights and poker table, but there are still a few things around the house acting as quiet reminders of the bachelor pad days. For example, we had a sword on display until Littleman started walking and I made him take it down. 

Room by room I am working hard to make this place ours. Littleman is a big help, certainly. Pictures get hung, couches get moved, and slowly our house is filling up with our things and our story. More and more I am feeling like this place we are living in is our home. Which is why I am proud to share a few of the rooms with you. 

Here you have our formal living room, our nursery, and our kitchen table. Welcome to our abode!

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