Mar 30, 2013

Easter Eggs on a Girls Night Out

I love dying Easter eggs and I cannot wait to make it a family tradition. But I have to say, this year any efforts at coloring eggs with my Littleman would have resulted in disaster. He is so enthusiastic about everything he does which often results in a lot of cleaning up on my part. Eating is a mess. Playing is a mess. Taking a walk to the mailbox is a mess. So last night, instead of dying eggs together this year I decided to take up an Instagram offer for a GNO specifically set aside for decorating Easter eggs. And can I just say, it was AWESOME! I had so much fun coloring eggs, watching different techniques, and talking with some new friends.

I didn't know anyone else who was there aside from a few I follow on Instagram, yet, it was still so much fun. We gabbed and ate while our fingers turned all kinds of different, disturbing colors. There was modge podge and glitter, there was gold leafing, there was vinegar in the air. It was heaven on earth for any egg dying enthusiast. Turns out we all needed a little break from curious, disruptive hands that would certainly ruin our perfectly beautiful eggs.

Hard boiling the eggs was something I could not accomplish without the advice of Pinterest. I mean, does anybody like the yolks to turn out grey? I know I don't. So I brought water and eggs to a boil, removed pot from the heat and let sit for 15 mins, then rapidly cooled the eggs in ice cold water. Oh the things you can learn, even after years of egg boiling.

Then it was time to take them and color them. If I thought boiling was tricky, deciding on an egg decorating method was just as overwhelming. I mean, there are so many cute ideas out there. Too busy to pick something else I just decided to grab two coloring kits from Walmart. Personally I experimented with all vinegar dyes that speckle and marble. Then I used metallic sharpies to write Easter words and phrases on my eggs. I LOVE THEM! And guess what, all of them have perfectly golden yolks! Pinterest for the win!

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