Apr 8, 2013

Retreat to the Desert

A family tradition we simply must uphold is an annual retreat to the red rock and blue skies of Southern Utah. We have been making the trek since I was in junior high and every year I come to love the depth of this desert even more. This beautiful earth is truly astounding and particularly the beauty of this area in the southern part of my home state. It eases the turmoil in my soul. The quiet, the heat, the dry air--all of it withers the monsters in my mind and fills me with happy light and warmth from the crown of my head to my tipy-toes.

Usually my family will migrate south for Spring Break, but since my brother, the youngest, is now a big boy and attending university we are no longer on anyone's timetable. We go when it is most convenient for all of us, or at least the majority, to go. This year it just happened to be this last week, during General Conference. Spence and I caravaned with my parents and sister, leaving bright and early on Thursday morning. Later that same day my brother made the drive bringing along my cousin and her husband. We all met up with my aunt and uncles and cousins who had arrived in St. George on Wednesday. It was much like a family reunion and the perfect vacation from the realities of our life.

We spent so much time in the warm, beating sun that reflected off the face of the rusty mountain cliffs. We lounged by the pool. We trudged through sand and stream. We shopped. We basked in the glory of Swig; I with my avocado bubble tea and Superman with his Dirty Dr. Pepper. It was a retreat to the desert that could not have come at a better time.

Now we are back home, our sunkissed skin and damp swimming suits reminders of the wonderful time we had. I am craving summer sunshine now more than ever. St. George, I hope to see you again soon.

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