Mar 13, 2013

Our Ode to Spring

We woke up this morning and thoroughly enjoyed soaking in the bright rays streaming through the blinds. We loved it so much we made our way through the house, room by room, throwing open the drapes and cleaning all of the windows. It was glorious, and that says something because usually chores are not something I ever refer to as glorious. Today though, it was glorious.

Our grass is not green, our garden is bedraggled, and all of our warm weather clothes are still packed away in boxes but none of that matters. The sun was out today and brought with it visions of sidewalk chalk, trips to the pool, and park play for this Littleman and I. I saw bike rides and hikes flash before my eyes. I basked in the vision of visits to the library and frolicking through Target to buy summer things.

We went out a handful of times today to walk, I walked, he tottered, along the sidewalk. He fell down once or twice, scraping the balls of his hands, but nothing to traumatic. We crunched in the brown grass. We watch boys playing basketball and boys riding bikes. We threw a soggy tennis ball for Pepper. We soaked up the vitamin E. And following, the Littleman went to bed early.

What better way to celebrate this change in season that singing an ode to Spring? Well, ok, maybe you shouldn't try singing it. I did and failed terribly. Does that still make it an ode? Yeah, I don't know. But here it is anyway.

Hallelujah Spring! The hours and boughs.
A glowing season for warming sunshine.
Standing flowers and falling petals, alight.
The blue sky with wispy clouds, a heaven.
The vale and gale of this, our blessed earth.
Bring along your winds and rains--bliss weather.
Oh Spring! Your renewal and refresh needed.
Splendor and triumph--the noon sun glowing.
Fauna and greenery abounding life.
This Season, this glory and wonder Spring!


  1. what a cute little thing! i am finally getting around to adding all the blogs to my reading list from the blogger roundtable. i got nominated for the liebster award and decided to pass it on to all you cute girls

    1. Oh, thank you so much. I will certainly go check it out.