Mar 15, 2013

Self Portrait Series :: 2

I love that spending time with my Littleman does not require the use of any makeup. In the mornings he is so happy to see my face peeking over the rim of the crib at him. To be honest, my morning face is not my best face, but I am getting more and more accustomed to the idea that less is more. The less time I spend on primping in the bathroom, the better. The less product I am using to pretty my face, the better. The less I worry so much about my appearance, the better. So I have altered my morning face routines. I mean, it was getting out of control.

Once I read in a magazine the routine Jessica Alba used on her face before going to the gym. It involved blush, concealer  tinted lips, and mascara. That was it, all she used to face a hoard of paparazzi on her way to go sweat all of it off and come back out of the gym looking her same, beautiful self. Of course it had a list of all the products and such, but I just remember going to look at my makeup collection and thinking--this is crazy! I so did not need all of those tubes and compacts. Jessica Alba going to the gym is pretty much the equivalent of my red carpet. I really needed to get back to the basics.

So now I am taking a more natural approach. I have yet to leave my face stark naked for the entire day and I doubt that will ever really happen for me unless I am at the lake or camping, lets be honest. I am however cutting back on the daily routine. And guess what? I am starting to recognize my face again; my own, real life face. All that other stuff was enhancing it, yes, but also making little bits of me disappear. I don't like that. I know this seems like a small, silly thing, but for me it is a huge confidence booster. I do not need all the eyeliner, blush, and lipstick to feel confident in my skin. I love my eyes and lips. I love my nose. I even love my eyebrows. I need to just let them be, let them be me.

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