Mar 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Superman

This guy had a birthday, shout hooray! I love this Superman so much, and though I already dedicated a post to him on "The Family" blog, I just felt I needed to make a little shout out to him here as well. I mean, I made this guy a chocolate silk pie from scratch, crust and all. From scratch!! It was my first time ever and it was super difficult, so I really must love this guy or something. 

Anyways, Happy Birthday! You are the best kind of man for me and I cannot imagine this life or the next without you. You are kind and generous, you are soft and sweet. You are also strong, reliable, and hard working. You bring out the best in me and are the best daddy to our Littleman. It melts my heart to watch you take care of him and I am abundantly proud of the example you are for him. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you are; for being our Superman.

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