Mar 20, 2013

Writer's Block :: Imaginary Report Card

This writing prompt really goes along with my effort to give myself props this month. I will not ever be good at everything and that is something I am just fine with. I do not ever want/feel the desire to be good at running a marathon. I do not need to be an excellent heart surgeon. I do not have to be perfect, thank goodness. There are plenty of things I am good at that I love doing, and those little things add up to one pretty great, big thing--me! If I were to be graded on these subjects, I'd get a 4.0, something I never quite reached in school once I passed kindergarten.
  • Reading Mostly Useless Books : A
  • Making the Mundane Sound Cool for a Living : A
  • Loving my Family : A
  • Napping with K.B. : A
  • Taking Good, Memorable Photographs : A
  • Kicking Spin Class Butt : A
  • Putting the Vaccuum back Together : A
  • Shopping at TJMaxx : A
  • Swimming, Swimming, Swimming : A
  • Ignoring the Dishes : A+
So, what would be on your Imaginary 4.0 Report Card? 

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