Mar 8, 2013

Self Portrait Series :: 1

Lately I have been letting feelings of self-doubt get the better of me. I let those clouds roll into my life and take over my entire outlook, making things muddled and grey. I forget who I am, what I have accomplished, and where I plan to go. I start seeing myself as rundown, bedraggled, and frumpy. I start comparing myself to others and their seemingly perfect lives. When this happens I get agitated and mean. I get especially snippy towards my sweet husband and son. And I don't like it! 

So, I am dedicating a post each week in March to simply sitting back and thinking good thoughts about myself. It only seems right that these posts be accompanied with a self portrait I can feel confident putting out there for the world to see. These pictures may not be me looking my best, with my evening eyes on, but they will certainly be me, vulnerable human that I am. This is extremely difficult, having pictures of just me, that I like. I always find something about my pictures that I can critique, but not these pictures. I am putting self-deprecation in timeout. You heard me little inner voice--go sit in a dark corner for a while!

This week I am so proud to be the virtuous woman I am. It took many strong role models to mold me in to this powerful, spiritual, grateful woman. I learned very young what it meant to be responsible for my actions. It took a bit longer to learn dedication and commitment, but I learned them. I know what it means to work hard and never do anything without my fullest effort. I know what it means to love with all my heart and feel that same love in return. I also have this unshakable faith in good. I love these characteristics and powers I possess. Because of them I know everything will work out in the end. 

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