Mar 8, 2013

Blogger Roundtable :: Social Media

Had a blast talking blog with these fun ladies last night at The Chocolate. If there is one thing about blogging I love it is finding community in my actual community. Special thanks and shout outs to our hosts of the evening: Elizabeth and Bonnie. I learned a ton and am so bummed I will probably have to miss the next one of these just because it is Spring Break and I will not be sticking around to see if there is still snow in Utah County. So someone has to go in my stead and give me the good notes!

Read More Here About the Roundtable and Plans for the Next One

We learned all  about using social media to further the reach of your blog. Honestly this is something I am terrible at. I never post anything from this blog on my Facebook page, but will do it on Instagram here and there. Why? Because I think it would be weird to have my close friends read my blog. I know, that sounds backwards. But really, they have no clue how crazy/nerdy I really am deep down. My blog is where I share a lot of that quirky, personal stuff about myself, so I would rather have complete strangers reading it--people I am not likely to run into. See, crazy table for one!

Sadly though, these girls helped me see the error of my ways. I will likely be making an additional Facebook page for this blog so I have other ways of getting my words out there. Also, I am joining Twitter (gasp!) after two long years of avoidance. Wish me luck with that one. Instagram I get, but twittering and tweeting and re-tweeting, heaven help us all.

So what possessed me to go to this blogger round table? Elizabeth invited me, said we would be learning about blogs and social media, and I decided I wanted to learn more about this world I have lived in but not truly accepted over the course of 5+ years. So I went. Tada! I have said it before, but man I am awkward at gatherings. I say dumb things. I wear boring clothes. I snort on occasion. But I was brave and put myself out there, again! These blogger meet ups are getting easier and easier. And, shocker, some of my blogger friends are becoming closer to real friends. Another reason I will have to start sharing this, my personal blog, on Facebook.

So, how do you use social media with your blog? Does it even help?


  1. i'm going to the next one so you can hit me up for all the info. we'll miss you!

    1. Dude! That would be awesome.Thanks so much.