Mar 2, 2013

Welcome to the Land of Nodding Off

land of nodding off

This little guy has been a little stuffed and then runny lately. His nighttime sleeping routine is completely shot. We are up in the middle of the night. We are up and not dropping back off. We are up and running, at least he would be if I let him, at one in the morning. I feel terrible for him. It always makes me so sad when he is sick and the only thing we can do for him is wait it out. Ick!

And let me tell you, the nose running is a mess. At first it wasn't so bad. It was just a little dribble every so often, nothing one good wipe with a tissue couldn't take care of. Now though, now it is ick! The dribble never quits and when I do get a tissue to his nose the strings just keep on coming. He is wiping his face on everything, but mostly my favorite sweater. Slimey, stuffy, grumpy wiping all over my sleeves can be very frustrating  Then the gooey stuff dries. It dries on his cheeks, dries under his nose, and even dries in his eyebrows. Ew! The crusties never cease. 

But the naps, the naps are very good. Lately naps have been long. Naps have been predictable. Naps have been a heaven-sent. They even are happening twice a day! Miracle of miracles. They have saved me from going completely mad. I get quiet time. I get time when the DVD's are not being pulled off the shelves and dropped on the floor in a never ending torrent. I can get things put away. I can get on the computer. I can read a few pages of a book. Peace and quiet aside from snoring, but I kinda like those little nasal rattlings if I am being honest. 

Really, I feel lucky, despite the sickies. This is his first real sickness, and we are grateful. It isn't the flu, it isn't pneumonia  it isn't RSV. We have been very, very blessed. This is our second blah season of winter without any significant illness, which is awesome. 

Still though, I can't wait for warmth.

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