Apr 22, 2013

A Happy Earth Day

I sit here, in my kitchen, listening to the wind whip across the panes. The sun is shining in slashed rows, warming feet on the floor. The mountains outside my window are bright and white against a true blue sky. There are a few clouds casting shadows on hills that will soon be turning very, very green. Blossoms have started popping on the neighborhood trees, yes, just like popcorn. 

In my own yard even Spring is starting to take hold. The plot for my little garden is freshly churned and looking deliciously dark, ready for tomato and cucumber plants. My grass, admittedly, is a little out of control. Along the warm edges near the sidewalk it grows wild and thick while in the middle is is trodden, squashed, and mostly still asleep. Or maybe dead. 

All of this to say I am thankful for this beautiful land. I am thankful for this place where my feet can be grounded and take root. I am thankful for the way things grow and renew. I am grateful for trees, and grass, and sky. I am thankful for a loving God who gave us his creation. It is a beautiful, generous earth. I need to treat it better. 

In honor of earth day I am leaving all of the lights off and letting the sun shine through my windows and light up our house. I am using my tote bags for shopping. I am walking/riding my bike today where possible. I also made cookies, but that probably doesn't count. I just wanted cookies. 

I know they are small and simple things, these little efforts at being green, and I am certainly going to try and do better and do more here and there. I love my earthly home. I really, really do. I would like to do what I can to keep it pretty and clean.

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