Apr 20, 2013

Bringing Up a Bookworm

Growing up I had a strange fascination with books. I loved being read to. In fact, I loved it so much and it happened so often with certain books, I ended up having them memorized. Case in point would be The Polar Express by Chris Van Allburg. My mother was trying to make a recording of herself reading this book for us. She read it through so many times, sitting next to our black karaoke machine, I knew the story backwards and forwards. So, now I have an heirloom sound recording on an old school tape of not only my mom reading the polar express, but my three and a half year old little voice also "reading" it. To this day I love that little recording and all the little mistakes and distractions contained thereon. 

So obviously, of all my many interests, I am thrilled to see my love of books being passed down to this little boy. We have a growing collection of board books and Dr. Seuss. We try to swing by the library at least twice a month. At Christmas and birthdays I always insist on adding a handful to our growing library. Books! What wondrous things. 

Littleman is thrilled to just sit in this old green chair and churn through the pages. He babbles and points with his little finger. I peer through a crack in the door and smile widely at his delight. I especially love when I can tell what page he is on. There is a Peek a Who? book that is a particular favorite and my boy knows two pages extremely well: "peek a moo" and "peek a choo choo." Naturally he reads these over and over, back and forth, again and again. Melts my heart and glows my pride. 

I am going to exploit this little love of books as much and for as long as I can. My personal love for books fell away in elementary school. I became a remedial reader and was put in a "special" class. It only got worse for a while, then it got better. In junior high things really peaked and all I wanted to do was spend my lunches holed up in the school library. The pickins were slim, but I always managed to find treasure amidst the rubbish. 

Simply put, I do not want my Littleman's love of books to fade, ever. I want him to have it always. To never miss out on the love, adventure, and comfort they can provide. I know I do not have full control over it, but I will read him a handful of books every night as long as he will let me. Please, let it be forever!

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